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About Bright Creative

Bright Creative is a one-person studio in Vancouver BC, run by myself, Dave Shea (more about Dave). I’ve been taking commissions from clients around the globe in many spheres of industry since 2004.

One reason I stay small is so I can remain personally connected with both my clients and the work I produce for them. Someone’s gotta be the little guy, and in an increasingly agency-run industry, I’m happy to play that role. My clients tend to value that direct interaction and lack of a management layer.

So who do I work with?

I often work with companies that are looking for a visual designer who can also handle a wide variety of other web and design-related tasks. While I can and do work with subcontractors when necessary, I prefer to handle most tasks myself, and try to choose projects that allow this level of involvement.

However, with a fairly high profile within the web design & development community and the work interest that ensues from that, the number of potential clients looking to work with me can be a bit overwhelming at times (which explains why it’s tough getting email back from me sometimes; don’t take it personally). Choosing only certain projects is regrettably necessary, as I can handle only so much at once without completely losing the plot.

As a result, the type of work the project requires is an important factor in determining whether I end up taking it on or not. Examples of projects I’d be inclined to work on:

  • A new company looking to build their web site or application, requiring web/UI design and information architecture, icon design, light content management setup, and front-end coding.
  • An established company with an existing web site or application looking to improve the look and feel of their UI.

Examples of projects I rarely take on:

  • A company that has already produced a set of web templates with another graphic designer, simply looking to convert them to XHTML/CSS.
  • A project that requires extensive skills outside the business’ core competency. (See “What Do I Create?” on the Services page)

There are, of course, no hard and fast rules. Sometimes I make exceptions if the company that approaches me has a really great product, or really interesting people. There are a ton of factors, so don’t take the generalizations above as gospel, but they make for a good yard stick.

get the bright creative intro pdf (85k)

Why work with me?

I do a lot. My clients tend to need the multi-talented approach that a larger team can offer, in situations where hiring a full team may not make sense.

I’m small. Read over there on the left about why I don’t have employees.

I don’t need special care and watering. My clients are usually looking for a plug-and-play contractor, someone who can jump in and start working a project without spending days in meetings.

Why work with another agency?

I don’t do it all. If you're looking for programming help or extensive Flash work or other things outside my core competencies, you ought to find someone better suited.

I’m small. I can't take on lengthy 16 month projects or large-scale work that requires a team.

I’m busy. Tight deadlines are my Kryptonite.